Who we are.


Katherine Juergens, CEO & Founder

It's one thing to say you have 20+ years experience. It's another thing to say you have 20+ years of the right kind of experience. With a career that spans leadership roles on both the agency and client side, Katherine's career has focused primarily on healthcare - first leading multi-million dollar accounts like Pfizer and Merck on the agency side and then transitioning to client side with GE Healthcare. Has she launched multi-billion-dollar initiatives? Check.  Lead efforts at the Olympics? Check. Be known as the launch specialist across the globe for major product introductions? Check.

With a master's degree in international marketing and communications, Katherine specializes in global launches and local activation. She doesn't believe effective has to mean splashy. Sometimes you need razzle dazzle. Sometimes you need boring. Anyone can tell you they can move mountains. She'll tell you what you need to know to move the needle. Or if the needle can even be moved. 

Hailed for creativity, strategic marketing, a spit fire, and an effective writer and keynote speaker, Katherine is a curious mind and a creative story teller, thinking  big but staying grounded. She introduce the elephant in the room and exposes the emperor for being naked. Nothing, she says, is more important than raising the next Moxxy generation - her daughter, Sydney. 


Alice Stephens, Chief Strategist

Renowned for being a brand and marketing strategist who partners with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brand. Alice has led a series of complete rebranding efforts for high profile businesses both nationally and internationally. Alice has spent more than 15 years in financial services and FinTech before taking a leap of faith and jumping into the Healthcare and Medical Device sector. Living  in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband Tim and 2 kids, Maggie and Lulu, Alice hates  to cook, loves BBC TV and is an avid UK Wildcats Men’s Basketball fan. Go Cats!